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The marketing balance is a skill

balance scaleOver the past 19 plus years involved with small business  I’ve seen much taken place with the balance of marketing to keep the scale even. We can only begin to touch the surface with the many pieces used from the marketing puzzle; it would write a chapter. The point is, a small business will do the necessary steps and take every precaution to sell each product or that service they are delivering to the public to get happy customers. It is the goal of small business owners to obtain happy customers that are satisfied with their product or service in hopes they will return once again and also provide word of mouth references to their friends or family about them. This is only one way of marketing there are many ways a business will budget for marketing and it takes time to follow through for those marketing changes as every business needs to go through trial campaigns then see what happens with a campaign then make changes when something needs improvement, follow through and balance everything evenly. Every business will reach a point of time for making themselves better to show they want to grow and increase productivity. It is times such as this that will be touched on very delicate because everything has a price in business and the price should never be so harsh it impacts the consumer; hence the balancing act.

Marketing has come a long way over the many years I have been involved and seen how it can be of benefit to any type of small business owner whether they are B2B or B2C – retail focused or wholesale focused. The use of marketing your business to others will show consumers just how beneficial you can be to them. A few tips to use as guidance before marketing to any consumer:
#1) Be honest when speaking about the product or the service to your customer.
#2) Always be honest with yourself.
#3) Repeat step 1.


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Keep monthly budget and Christian values together when shopping

crucifixAs we approach Christmas the shopping days will become busier. There are two items that hold importance when shopping one is staying within the family budget the other is shopping with a business that holds Christian values. Every year especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas time it seems there are certain business owners who have appeared to lower their standards and not shown their faith to the public shoppers. A perfect example of this is comparison is when Starbucks has chosen a solid red and green cup for the holidays and Dunkin Donuts has chosen a white cup showing a beautiful decoration and the word Joy in cursive. The style Dunkin Donuts is using for the Christmas holiday actually shows the company is happy to show their faith.

Customers now have something they can use before shopping and see which business actually has a higher faith value; it’s called a Faith Equality Index (FEI). There are tons of companies reviewed on this index, not just a small business retailer. Consumers can actually look for anything from restaurants to health insurance, to the best faith equality airline. This is a very Christian oriented index that is well worth using as it does let small business owners know the consumer is faith oriented and they do have Christian values that should be respected and always remembered.

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Bring economical and business growth back into the United States

business creationSmall business builds economy growth, creates jobs, and makes profit to repeat from the beginning. That is the benefit of being a small business owner. A very professional website can now service small business owners who want higher ranking on search engines and a better image of their website. Check out Four Circle Marketing as they can bring your business full circle by providing:

  • Web design and web service
  • Development capability
    • Ecommerce
    • Facebook
  • Marketing options
    • Online marketing
    • Social media marketing
  • PPC management
  • Mobile Applications

Four Circle Marketing provides consumers with the capability and skills of a very impressive and intense list for a small company but they are prepared to build any website service or product up through the search engines to get that profitable return. The American economy is having trouble but now is the best time for gaining the highest level of attention and Four Circle Marketing can help make those ends meet.

Marketing is only the beginning of building your business it continues forward onto communication with other business owners and becoming a solid leader in what your company develops, sells, or provides as a service. Small business growth belongs here in the United States to provide employment to many skilled workers and rebuild our US Economy.

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Could fast food ordering machines be the replacement for wage hike?

Image courtesy of and idea go

Image courtesy of and idea go

For the past few months there has been quite the talk about employees wanting an increase in their hourly pay. The employees who demand this pay raise are fast food employees because they feel their minimum wage hourly pay is not good enough to make their monthly bill payments. For years, fast food employment has always been a way to build work skills and learn how to speak with the public. Fast food positions are considered stepping stone jobs but it seems there are some employees who have considered different and want to continue making the minimum wage. That is their choice to work within that job and for that company. Because employees have chosen to force employers to raise their pay rate it has caused these business owners to take action and consider looking at how to save the business itself.

By employees doing this it has caused chaos in the fast food industry it has also caused difficulty to the fast food business operations itself. Because there has been a request of higher wages fast food companies are now researching the use of robots and technology within the company and how to implement that capability.

By implementing an ordering machine which a customer can use to place an order with it will lower the amount of servers needed and the amount of paychecks sent out every month. The goal is for customers to find ordering machines easy to place their order and fast food business owners to obtain more customers in the end. The fast food industry has been considering the use of an ordering machine as it will be a benefit to both customer and business, everyone is happy. Because ordering machines are technology of the future and fast food has been forced to increase minimum wage this combination could be the change on just how fast food gets managed and served to the public.

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Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road convicted on all 7 counts

courtesy of Victor Habbick/

courtesy of Victor Habbick/

All it took was a jury and three hours of consideration after hearing the activity that has been taking place to indict Ross Ulbricht of his million dollar illegal and global drug selling activity. What has been most interesting is this man was arrested in San Francisco and actually caught with his hands in the cookie jar (on his lap top, logged in) and moving funds. It is quite amazing especially that someone who supposedly felt Silk Road should be kept quiet when Bitcoins are used was so loud about it as proof has been found in journals on his personal laptop of his illegal activity.

Testimony from a former FBI agent has been given against Ulbricht and has shown the global activity taken place between the United States and Iceland plus given the length of time it has occurred including the transactions. After adding up transactions and Bitcoin rates the currency rate equals into the high million dollar rate.

There has already been commentary remarks stating of appeals taking place because certain defense remarks could not be made. Something the Federal prosecutor did mention is Ulbricht is in quite heavy for his illegal activity as it does not only involve drugs so it will be quite interesting to see how the 4th Circuit of Appeals wishes to handle this matter.


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How BrightRoll bucked a big tech startup trend

The technology company BrightRoll should be smiling about now as Yahoo has come to the rescue. Everyone knows who and what the company Yahoo does but BrightRoll is a technology company that has been down on its luck for a few years. BrightRoll has taken a fall in the area of creating revenue to build so because of their situation Yahoo came to assist.


When BrightRoll yesterday agreed to be acquired for $640 million by Yahoo [fortune-stock symbol=”YHOO”], it was much more than just a validation of the eight year-old company’s online advertising platform. It also was a reminder that tech startups needn’t always raise every last dime available from venture capitalists.

San Francisco-based BrightRoll raised around $40 million in venture capital funding since being founded in 2006, but its most recent round was a full three years ago. Instead, BrightRoll kept its cash burn in check and focused intently on execution — becoming profitable with what Yahoo says will be more than $100 million in net revenue this year (a figure that I hear is a significant underestimation).

“The key is that the company’s sales and marketing efficiency was phenomenal,” says a source familiar with BrightRoll. “They really managed to scale from very small to very large by increasing sales productivity, rather than…

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Can we talk financial planning

cashCan we get serious for a few moments and talk about financial planning I mean really talk? How many of you have actually sat down and planned out your monthly budget on spending matters? Or for that matter if you are planning to retire have you A) estimated a cash amount to secure every pay check until you reach retirement age or B) spoken to a financial advisor who can provide the planning and investment tools needed for the specific age retirement bracket?

Both options can be very helpful when building a financial plan it just depends upon what exactly it is you are wanting to do and the type of financial plan you are wanting to create. In this current economy there are many persons who are facing difficulty because there has been the slip in job employment causing a loss in the economy. Even though we are slowly rebuilding and it is not as quickly as we would like the nation is on a rebound, finally. Of course only time will tell. But with that being said, everyone must do what they can do keep their own finances structured safely and their own proprietary needs satisfied. With that final thought in mind, creating a financial plan requires building the correct structure that will be helpful to the entire family in short-term and in long-term.

On a final note, before planning know the exact amount of gross income being made and the exact amount of funds that can be spent. In other words, this will require pulling together all monthly bills that are paid out from car payments to utilities, cell phone bills, grocery bills, baby sitter, paying little Kenny for mowing grass (example), and so on. The point is, every expense needs to be added up. Once you have that total expense minus the amount from your monthly gross salary.

That amount is your household asset and what can be spent. Don’t get excited and think I’m going to go shopping. It doesn’t mean you can freely spend money. You must budget, watch how you spend, and not over spend. The best plan of action is to determine a safe figure of funds that can be placed into a savings account for a rainy day fund or for a retirement fund. Again, speaking with a well-respected financial investor can be of service as he or she can provide the best and legal aspects of how to move forward and what will work the best for your family needs.

Have a great day and a profitable 4th quarter!

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Why do United States business owners pull out and go to Canada

business creationI kept thinking the 35% tax here in the US and 25% tax in Canada had something to do with it but then I began to wonder if it was something else taking place that no business owner was speaking of. Canada has a stable economy while here in the United States it is quite the opposite. The United States economy is unstable as many residents out of work, job seeking, and it does create a highness of welfare. The tax code is another big issue that causes a large problem with creating jobs because it is not bringing the incentive to create new business development that will create jobs in the end. 

What I find more interesting is the latest news. Target is planning to add an additional 100 plus stores to those currently in Canada and Wendy’s is now considering moving into across the border.In more interesting news, Nordstrom has already made plans to create select chain stores to show their luxury items in Canada. What’s more interesting,  Walgreens pharmacy has chosen to keep their headquarters here in the United States; it is based in Chicago, IL.

I’ve been hearing rumors how Burger King may be facing serious damage now that there has been a merger with Tim Horton’s pancake house. Supposedly there has been whispers saying all will be well but on the underside there are others shaking there head very fast left to right. In essence, there has been rumors of Tim Horton’s being the wrath of Burger King Corporation slow inexistence. Only time will tell on how truthful or fictional those rumors are. I look forward to seeing the poker cards played out in the hands they are dealt. 

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Warren Buffett is pushing Burger King out of America

I blame Warren Buffett for destroying American jobs. The big hubbub that has been taking place with Burger King and with it possibly moving to Canada originally started with none other than Berkshire Hathaway who is owned by Warren Buffett. I blame him for starting this nightmare first of all. Secondly, I blame him for pulling the jobs from America and giving them to others over seas.

The economy here in the United States is bad enough and now Buffett has done this damage to business and chosen to push more of them out. My question is why? For someone who supposedly believed in American companies there sure is a funny way of showing it. Perhaps Warren Buffett needs to put his money where his mouth is invest in small business owners that are attempting to build their businesses and hire employees or 2) provide a way for those in communities with high unemployment.

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Four Circle Marketing can build small business profit and economy growth

Small business builds economy growth, creates jobs, and makes profit to repeat from the beginning. That is the benefit of being a small business owner. A very professional website can now service small business owners who want higher ranking on search engines and a better image of their website.

read more below…

Four Circle Marketing can build small business profit and economy growth.

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