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Universal Health Care = A train wreck coming to your town..

A senior Senator recently stated the universal health care was a “train wreck” and shortly after that term was given he stated he was going to resign and not plan for another run. It makes a person wonder many key points about this. Let us begin with the main question why is it this type of bill was even passed without being read to begin with? Oh wait, Nancy Pelosi forced it through by stating the 2,000 plus pages needed to be passed through Congress and then everyone could read and change things as necessary.

Well guess what, now it is passed and now the problem child has become a serious threat to not only the American economy, it has become a threat to the American worker as well as the American small business owner because of the financial numbers being reported by the CBO. It would seem ever since this nightmare has been uncovered, new numbers are growing higher and larger like a uncontrollable virus.

In order to deal with this train wreck before it happens all small business owners must do one of two things, either lower the amount of workers within the business or lower the hours being worked from full time to part time. By doing both actions, it will 1) eliminate the factor of having to pay a fee for the mandate and 2) eliminate having to offer universal health care to employees.

More small business owners are going to take advantage of the above as they are not able to afford paying these outrageous fees nor payments being wanted by the federal government. What makes the matters worse is these fees are going up as more discovery is being made and this universal health care has shown it is becoming more expensive for coverage. The federal government is attempting to force a train wreck upon all small business owners and it is not ethical for that action. A business owner should be allowed to choose the type of options they wish to offer their employees, period.


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