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The Des Moines Register needs to grow a pair

I am sick and tired of reading comments in the news from the Iowa Des Moines Register news paper who are constantly putting Donald Trump down and acting as if they know the best for this nation; they have no clue what is best for the United States of America. What is best for this newspaper is they shut up and go back to doing their job, reporting the news, or is that something editors don’t know how to do? I find it quite interesting how these newspaper editors are now playing Mommy characters and feel they know the best for Donald Trump is that he needs drop from the Presidential race.

Guess want you fools?! Donald Trump is doing just fine. As the man is speaking the truth to the American voters which needs to be done and nothing is going wrong. I think it is time these editors and writers at the Iowa Des Moines Register grow a pair and leave Donald Trump to continue doing his job at running for 2016 President!


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Lost respect for Bruce Springsteen

Because of his actions, I no longer have respect for this man as he cannot respect our United States military personnel. I have lost respect for Bruce Springsteen after his actions on stage. A show was to be put on for the Veterans yet this man only put a show on for his own greed and his own moral beliefs. He did nothing to show pride in being an American nor did he do anything to show appreciation to the many  men and women who fought to protect the United States of America.

God Bless the United States Veterans! My thanks to all of you for your duties and keeping the United States safe from harm.


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Brand new conservative blog

Greetings everyone…

Wanted to let you know that all is well but also wanted to let you in on some great news. I have just chosen to begin a fantastic blog that is built not only around conservatism but it is going to be based on our country, America. I am doing it for you and everyone within this country to support the needs of family, children, and the elderly. We have so many things that need to be said to the politicians in Washington, D.C yet very few of them seem to be listening. I think it is time that Americans stand up and let our voices be heard.

I am prepared to speak loudly by text media and let everyone know my opinions and my feelings of just how I feel the People’s House needs to be changed. We must all work together to create a better more formative change to correct the damage that has taken place since the current POTUS has been put into office five years ago and what he is doing now with his “pen and signature”.

In order for everyone to do that we all must work together and I have started a blog in which we can begin to speak loudly as one. A fabulous Senator, Ted Cruz -TX once said “Make DC Listen” well I am using those three words and giving everyone in Washington, D.C the ability to listen to what the people of America have to say now that we are entering another election cycle for 2014 then again on 2016. Join me on the new blog as all political discussions will be moved onto it from this blog so they can stay together. Here is the link – Make DC Listen

Bookmark that blog and visit as you can. I am moving and adding updates onto it frequently. As I said all political and conservative documentation will be moved onto it so please bookmark.

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Who gets most benefit for affordable health care act?

Who gets most benefit for affordable health care act?.

There are so many issues still with this governmental health care act taking place and the numbers are not even coming close to what President Obama wants yet he still insists on pushing political matters.

Has anyone in the White House Administration taken the time to weigh the checks and balances of who this will help in comparison to who this will actually cause more harm to and in the end what impact it will do to the economy?

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More problems with the ObamaCare website

More problems with the ObamaCare website.

Here we go again, will this website ever be corrected enough to where it is safe and the American people can use it? Better yet, isn’t it time the American people begin to to consider an alternative option as ObamaCare has proven to be more damaging to the economy and to gaining any chance at employment.

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ObamaCare will cut work hours – Patient CARE is a silver lining

ObamaCare will cut work hours – Patient CARE is a silver lining.

Finally something has come about that will pull control from the Federal government and hand it back to the American people where it belongs!

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Time to refresh your job resume for 2014 Part 2

Now is the time to consider everything written in Part 1 but also consider the situation of the current job economy. According to Reuters, the CBO brought into focus “President Barack Obama’s healthcare law will reduce American workforce participation by the equivalent of 2 million full-time jobs in 2017.” That factoid is quite disturbing and frightening but very mind opening as to what is about to take place in the coming years with employment.

Time to refresh your job resume for 2014 Part 2.

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Harry Reid refuses to allow bills to be heard

American-FlagI just happen to see a very interesting interview with the Senator from Wyoming and found it quite interesting as I learned there were three bills sitting in the Senate that would actually help stimulate the economy and build issues to help Americans. Why is it that they have not been heard nor passed through to the House? Harry Reid.

This man is sitting on his ass and kissing the ass of the POTUS and intentionally not allowing these bills to move through nor be listened to because he refuses to allow the Americans to work, get jobs, nor prosper without having social programs. Why is it that Harry Reid feels we need to benefit from the government dole just to succeed in life? Because the POTUS is doing the same exact thing and has been coming off on the same exact social program ever since he has gotten into office. Harry Reid is following in the POTUS shadow to ensure these social programs will continue and he is not allowing anything that is offered that will benefit Americans to prosper.

What I find so interesting is the benefits that have been offered by the Senate today that can and will allow Americans the ability to grow, prosper and be given work opportunity are things such as the Keystone Pipeline bill waiting to be passed as it has over 73 Senators in agreement on a bipartisan level. There is another bill ready for discussion ready for discussioin regarding work for persons who are unemployed that has 60 Senators in agreement and it involves the EPA and forcing it to back off and allow matters to go forward and carry out. There is a third bill awaiting discussion for employment in Senate with a large agreement but again Harry Reid will not bring it up for discussion as he is so far up the POTUS shadow and refuses to allow American’s to go back to work and wants everyone to eat off of the government dole instead of earn their own way of living.

It is time for all Americans to place a vote and ensure Harry Reid is no longer going to be in Senate. This man must be forced to retire as he can no longer perform his job correctly. If you are in need of a job, we must have a leader of the Senate who believes in our rights as Americans and our needs as Americans; Harry Reid does not care nor does he want to perform what is needed to ensure American populus has opportunity. It is time for someone else to take Harry Reid’s position.

Americans are in need of jobs yet the POTUS refuses to provide jobs due to his socialism agenda. Harry Reid continues to follow this socialistic agenda and it is time to fire Harry Reid and bring in a new leader to the Senate that will allow job growth, job opportunity, and economical opportunity for all Americans. Join me in the fight to clean up our Senate. If you believe it is time to start cleaning up those who only care about spending money then remember to vote not only in 2014 but also on 2016.

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Darla Dawald for Arizona state representative

Darla DawaldDarla Dawald is a very smart, intelligent, professional, and down-to-earth woman that knows the importance of freedom, liberty, and the American rights of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Today we are experiencing serious difficulty due to what has been happening with ObamaCare, lack of jobs, higher welfare usage, and small business inability of growth.

Let Darla Dawald help Arizona get back on it’s feet; she’s ready and prepared to listen.

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Valerie Jarrett – Shutting Down The Benghazi Rescue « Political Realities

Valerie Jarrett – Shutting Down The Benghazi Rescue « Political Realities.

Very disturbing documentation coming about. Even though this is an old article I just came across and had to share it as it is quite disturbing and I feel this is someone who may actually be one of the persons involved with the Benghazi matter and why it was not handled correctly.

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