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The Des Moines Register needs to grow a pair

I am sick and tired of reading comments in the news from the Iowa Des Moines Register news paper who are constantly putting Donald Trump down and acting as if they know the best for this nation; they have no clue what is best for the United States of America. What is best for this newspaper is they shut up and go back to doing their job, reporting the news, or is that something editors don’t know how to do? I find it quite interesting how these newspaper editors are now playing Mommy characters and feel they know the best for Donald Trump is that he needs drop from the Presidential race.

Guess want you fools?! Donald Trump is doing just fine. As the man is speaking the truth to the American voters which needs to be done and nothing is going wrong. I think it is time these editors and writers at the Iowa Des Moines Register grow a pair and leave Donald Trump to continue doing his job at running for 2016 President!


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Independence Day weekend is upon us

American-FlagLet me say thank you to every Veteran man and woman who has served and still are protecting this nation. Without them we would not be a safe nation. God bless for giving yourselves to this nation and protecting it from harm and evil.

Many Americans are planning a gathering with their families to celebrate this 4th of July weekend and celebrate. There is quite the variety of recipes across this nation everyone is quite known to be good at making this time of year. From the best grilled hamburgers with fixings to a grilled steak that is done so perfect it will melt in your mouth. There are some cooks who can cook the short-ribs using sauce or rub that has been perfected over time. There are side dishes of potato salad and macaroni salad so wonderful they will make your mouth water just looking at the dish sitting on the table.

And what about those home-made apple pies with cinnamon and glaze and oh my… yum! Just the thought of all this food makes me think of sharing beautiful times together with my family and cooking with my Mom. Share your favorite Independence Day treat or your favorite 4th of July memory.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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OP-ED: Union Pacific trains are causing environmental damage

Negative issues are brewing about near the Union Pacific train yard as engineers are not paying attention to specific factors when carrying through with daily operations. Because no one is paying attention this matter is being brought to light through a blog and perhaps now this issue will actually be paid attention to.

For the past month Union Pacific trains going into and coming from the train yard have been over hauling frieght and causing the ground to split unnecessarily directly from the rails towards homes. Another issue taking place these freight trains are either exiting or entering at higher speed than normal. This frieght yard is in town limits so why is it that engineers are not going at a reasonable speed to prevent derailment? Lastly, because these trains are doing all the above it is causing houses to shake constantly as they enter and exit the frieght yard which is not acceptable. The legal weight of frieght trains must be kept and not gone over but more importantly no damage to surrounding area should be done in the process.

There are elderly and medical residents living in the surrounding homes who must tolerate this activity and it raises the question of what can be done and when Union Pacific will correct the matter so they will start ethically correct their actions for residents and to prevent further environmental damage.

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More noise than what is being reported on local news

A very large noise took place last night and was heard from Council Bluffs, Iowa to as far as mid Omaha, Nebraska. I am beginning to wonder if it is much more than just what the news is reporting as an OPPD issue.

The sound over head reminded me of a large balloon that uses helium and every time the driver would use helium to increase the height you would hear the whoosh. There was also the tone reminiscent to a jet engine. According to reports it raises questions that daily maintenance could cause something of this fashion and continue this type of sound to happen for this long of time. What I find odd is the sound lingered and kept moving over the house as if it was flying. A few questions are raised in the matter of if there more to the story than what is really being let on?

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