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Have you began the spring clean?

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

Two words some persons don’t mind hearing spring and clean but they seem to get that cringe up their spine when saying them both together “spring clean” as it just adds a new feeling some don’t wish to even consider. Why is it some love the idea of having fresh air and the smell of fresh linen roaming through the house while others are unable to consider the planning stages. Could it be that we have so many things happening in our lives every day it just takes over and causes chaos? Or is it the matter of not knowing how to simply organize and declutter the simple way?

Every person operates on a different schedule when it comes to spring cleaning. The reason for that is quite simple, everyone is either working, has a family to care for, or the combination of both. With that being said certain schedules must be followed and because work schedules are 24/7 there could be one family unit, working the first schedule while the another family across town are perfectly settled with the third shift.

The point of spring cleaning is to rid the bustle from winter and allow the beauty of spring to easily appear.  The next few articles ahead will help spur ideas of doing a spring clean without feeling anxious.


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