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Pay careful attention to job ad differences

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Because of the economy and persons who have medical issues there is a high need for virtual work now than ever before. The one issue that has taken place for many years prior is now beginning once again and this time it is actually gotten more intense; job scams. How this is happening is in the way job advertisements are being worded as they are becoming more advanced than ever before.

To someone aware of virtual work, also known as (aka) remote work they would be informed of what to look for when job seeking but to a person who is just beginning to job seek this can become quite frustrating very fast especially now that keywords are constantly changing and being used for new terms.

A prime example when job seeking is finding the phrase “Work at Home” written into a job advertisement discussing how that job can earn you $300 to $500 a week for example. In actuality that advertisement is not virtual employment it is a business opportunity in which whomever wants to get involved could very likely go through the following:
1 – pay to get involved with the company whether once or monthly
2 – not be paid during training period
3 – be required to pay for specific material other than their computer equipment
4 – and the list can continue…

At any rate, the fact of the matter the above phrase mentioned is something to be quite cautious of because it is frequently used by many business owners and it is taken for granted as these business owners believe they can steal money and bring others into their business rather than hire employees like true small business owners have been doing and wanting to do for rebuilding this economy.

Grant it, some people like the idea of running their own business but not all job seekers favor the idea of being pulled into a business opportunity especially for the fact they are not given the truth when reading the job advertisement. My best suggestion is to be careful when reading the documentation and ask questions if you are not sure. Never pay to get hired even if that amount is promised back to you – you are entering into a business opportunity and it is just not worth the headache.


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Time to refresh your job resume for 2014 Part 2

Now is the time to consider everything written in Part 1 but also consider the situation of the current job economy. According to Reuters, the CBO brought into focus “President Barack Obama’s healthcare law will reduce American workforce participation by the equivalent of 2 million full-time jobs in 2017.” That factoid is quite disturbing and frightening but very mind opening as to what is about to take place in the coming years with employment.

Time to refresh your job resume for 2014 Part 2.

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Time to refresh your job resume for 2014

Yes, job seekers are having trouble due to the unemployment issue taking place but that should not impact what needs to be done and that is refreshing the resume of 2013 for the new year. Right now things may not look the greatest but we all need to work together and job seekers you need to begin by stepping up and continuing that job seek using every skill possible and every networking connecting available. Continue reading the link below for assistance on the first step to update your resume.

Time to refresh your job resume for 2014.

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What type of jobs can be gotten without a college degree?

Did you know not all jobs are needing a college degrees? Positions these days are difficult to obtain of course but there are some which can be gotten by being trained before going into the actual job itself. Another way to avoid college is by attending a technical school as it will provide skill. There are multiple skills that can be developed or enhanced when attending a technical school so that is always an option to consider rather than attending college.

For example, did you k now the job of a nursing assistant is a position that will require training on site first but after such training the employee is then permitted to go onto the floor with patients. Another job not requiring a college degree is  retail sales worker. Every small and large business require sales workers so this position is in demand for those who love to learn, be challenged, and gain incentive when selling a product or service to consumers. Because there are many types of department stores it would be wise to find a department store selling goods you have interest in so the excitement will show  to  consumer when speaking.

Another exciting job  is the personal trainer. Being health conscious is a very important matter these days and it is something everyone wants to do by eating healthy and exercising smart. If you are someone who has the get up and go of exercise and eating healthy check out your nearest gym or fitness center as there are many activities taking place within the club for members.

The few listed above are just the beginning of where to start for using talent and skill if not wanting to attend college.

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How to determine telecommute, business opportunity and fraud advertising when job seeking

Original article was published in Omaha Examiner, Career Section: February 27, 2013. 
Many companies these days are hiring for telecommuting positions legally however there are very sly advertisers who are attempting to pull in telecommuters in need of a job when in actuality these jobs are positions that they must be paid to obtain. The legality, these jobs are either 1) a fraud or 2) a business opportunity.

Because these advertisements are appearing more often on the Internet more creatively written it is important to know how to determine legal from illegal. The best way to avoid a fraud or a business opportunity is closely read the advertisement. Answer the following questions before filling out any application or sending your information:

–        Is there a terms of conditions, if so read through and look for sales information

–        Is there mention of self contractor anywhere in the advertisement, if so read all links as you are being asked you to become an individual contractor (work for yourself) not as an employee for the company.

Business opportunity and fraud advertisements are now using the words “work at home” when writing their job postings. It is very important to pay close attention to what is written in the actual advertisement itself before applying. For example, an advertisement appears online like the one below only showing an email, no phone number, it is not trustworthy:

“Seeking a virtual assistant who knows MS Outlook and MS Excel. Contact Phil at your earliest time with a resume at the below email”

On the other hand, another advertisement appears very similar except with this case, it has more detail and shows things like the company name, company phone number, direct email, and direct person name there is a high chance that advertisement is of legal quality. Look at the difference:

We are in need of a virtual assistant for our office in Arizona. XZY Company is in need of someone who knows Microsoft Outlook, can work with Microsoft Excel, and maybe perform a few things with Adobe Document Reader from time to time. If this is something you can handle please send Phil Anderson your resume with a cover letter saying why you would be good for this job. Mr. Anderson’s email address is Should you have questions, please contact our office at 888-349-0933.

Even though both advertisements are mock job postings written for this article the author’s point of showing the difference is to clearly state how advertisements can have an impact and reaction to readers.

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A new reason to use Evernote

Originally published: Omaha Small Business section 2/4/2013

I discovered a new capability with Evernote the other day and was so impressed by it. Not only can this software be downloaded offline and saved to your laptop, desktop, or other item I found a perfect way to keep daily notes. Because this application will allow me to build notebooks I decided to start a notebook specifically called “Journal,” what I use it for is tracking my daily activity that I do every day from running errands to writing assignments.

After doing that type of notebook, it came to mind using Evernote would be a perfect application to help many to track or keep track of job interviews. For example, the job candidate can create a notebook and name it “Jobs applied” in that notebook. What I like to do is include the date of the interview right in the header itself. In other words, the user can write something like
“Account Manager January 24, 2013”

You can then create a note with a title where you applied then for the details provide contact information with name, phone number and specific information of what was discussed. It would also be a good idea to provide information on the day of the interview so you can keep track on when to contact the hiring manager back. The great thing about using this philosophy, for each note taken should you use the above example you will see the date with the job for a header then below written details allowing you to know exactly what is going on. All the user needs to do is click on the note and it will appear in the right window.

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SMART planner can build career goals

Originally published: Career section, 12/2/2012

Job seeking is a busy matter and it takes a lot of focus including the variety of goals to reach the exact career desired. Of course it is important to many who are out of a job to find something now to begin paying monthly bills on time but what about that dream career, do you even have a plan to begin the search? Alas, there has been something invented to put job seeking goals together and work on them one-step at a time.

The name of this item is S.M.A.R.T. in which each letter means something. For example, S is specific, M is measurable, A is attainable, R is realistic, and T is time bound. Each letter will help goals be achieved by the questions that are asked.

An example to consider with specific is I want to focus a plan for CPA jobs in the Chicago, IL area. For measurable items, an example to use may be something such as I want to send out three resumes a day for six months. For the attainable goal, I want to achieve 10 interviews within six months. For the relevant goal, My CPA resume and cover letter wording will be changed to meet requirement for each employer applied. When considering a time bound goal, I will obtain a job in six months after sending 640 resumes to various employers.

The SMART planner is mainly used for long-term however, it can be used to schedule short-term goals and plan specific items that need to be accomplished such as job seeking. This wonderful item is quite helpful due to the fact it can build motivation and keep a person focused on what needs to be done.

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How will a Curriculum Vitae get me a job from graduate school

A question heard from graduate students and job seekers is what exactly is a curriculum vitae resume? A curriculum vitae resume, aka C.V., is much different in comparison to a resume because of what is involved. For example,  Career Planning at defines a C.V. as “A curriculum vitae is a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills.” This resume type is helpful to job candidates seeking higher education positions.

When writing out a C.V. it will take a bit more time than a basic resume because of the content involved. Purdue Owl provides a wonderful guide on how to begin and complete this type of resume structure. On top of the basics that belong in a resume (work experience, skills, education, etc) the amount of pages should be kept to no more than two at maximum. It is estimated employers spend 30 seconds on a resume to seek out key elements of what is needed for hiring a job candidate. With that being said, when writing a resume it should be summarized and written in a way that will capture the eye of the hiring manager. This takes practice however; there are a few brief resume rules that can make a resume stand out at attention. Day provides an excellent thought process when building a curriculum vitae resume as it helps consider each section from beginning to end. Another important suggestion when building your resume, plan on writing out your cover letter and using the keywords that are listed in the job advertisement. The cover letter gives opportunity to sell skills and obtain an interview.

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How to create an entry level resume

Original publish date: Career section 2/3/2013

An entry-level resume can be used by many such as graduating seniors and employees changing from one career to another. When writing this type of resume a goal is to ensure clear details are provided. The best way to begin any resume is to determine what will be needed on a one-page resume first. Afterward it is best to use a pen and paper then structure each section. The below layout can be used as an example:

John Smith
234 Any Street, Suite #567
Any Town, NY, 12345
Home Phone: 567-789-0123Cell Phone: 234-987-6543




Smithfield College: Appleton, KS
BS Chemistry; 2007; G.P.A: 3.8
Concentration: Pre Medical Studies

Sound River Regional High School: Merrifield, NH
Regents Diploma with Salutatorian Status; 2003; G.P.A: 4.0


ABC Incorporated, Sales/Support Associate, Marconia, VT
June 2007 – Present

  • Recruited new clients.
  • Managed all facets of client support while establishing and maintaining a professional rapport.
  • Performed financial analyses and reports and advised clients accordingly.

BDE Safety Supplies, Administrative Assistant, Merrifield, NH
June 1999 – June 2007 (Summers)

  • Answered phone calls, greeting clients, and scheduled appointments.
  • Assisted with purchasing of safety supplies and processed client orders.
  • Managed financial bookkeeping for the company using QuickBooks.


Computer Skills
Windows 2000/XP and Windows Vista, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks.

Relevant Test Scores
SAT: Quantitative Reasoning 99 percentile, GRE Quantitative Reasoning 95 percentile.

Coach – Marconia Youth Hockey
Smithfield College Varsity Hockey Team

The resume shown is an example from using a more modern change in the name section. Two reasons for this change, 1) to give a modern appearance and 2) to keep a one-page resume. The breakdown of each section should be summarized. The goal of a resume is to obtain an interview, not to write out your life story. 3 P’s in job finding – practice, patience, and persistence!

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Top 10 job interview mistakes to avoid

Originally published: Career section, 10/5/2012

A hiring manager has many tasks he or she does in one day then to go through the process of sorting resumes followed by interviews it can be very frustrating. A job candidate should keep certain points in mind to ensure he or she is being professional when walking through that door of the hiring manager. It can be common for anxiety to take place from job candidates but there are certain job interview mistakes that can be avoided.

  1. Bad breath; use a breath mint to resolve this issue
  2. Arriving late for interview; make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early
  3. Being unprepared; gather all items the night before so they are ready
  4. Chewing gum; remove gum before entering the business if you have any otherwise don’t chew gum
  5. Inquiry of salary amount; the hiring manager provides this information
  6. Not asking questions on position duties; not asking questions about the position shows lack of interest about the job itself
  7. Did not turn off cell phone ringer before interview; not turning off your cell phone during an interview is very rude
  8. Candidate speaks arrogantly; never speak in this tone of voice as it is unprofessional
  9. Not dressed professionally; dress in a professional business attire as you would wear in a company
  10. Candidate rambled with answers or did not provide enough information; practice the night before going to the interview if necessary to ensure answers are summarized and full of detail

Hiring managers are seeking that special person to work with a team setting as well as someone who can work for their company. The top 10 job interview mistakes can be avoided by practicing with a friend. Good luck at your next job interview!

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