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Great small business marketing trend ideas for 2013

Originally published: Omaha Small business section 12/17/2012

Every business starts out with the question how can we market and advertise our product/service to the customer? As the business moves forward to the next year that question is asked again for improvement. For the 2013 year, below is a listing of four marketing trends to assist small business owners enhance, build, and improve consumer service:

Cell phone applications – mobile phone developers are constantly developing ideas on how cell phones can be used. For example, the 2012 cell phone application constantly used is finding the best price, what will be the best app for 2013?

Business websites – a business must have a website that provides detail to their service or product. A suggestion to consider as an addition, the website should provide the consumer ability to purchase items or schedule services. This will save the consumer time and build money for the small business.

Branding product/service – a business can use polls, surveys, including trials to determine who and what specific market their products and/or services will sell.

Coupon offers or discounts – coupons have been used by business owners for marketing purposes over the years but these ideas are making another return with new and fresh ideas. Using discounts or coupons for products and services for your business can build consumer sales and profit for 2013.


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How to create business sales using Facebook Part 2

Originally published: Omaha business section, 12/25/2012

After your Facebook page has been created, it is the time to consider exactly what products and information should appear on the page for readers who visit. For example, a web designer may want to place a screen shot of his or her latest creation for a client recently completed. Another idea that can be used is a link to that website so it can be visited. Along with showing examples, it is quite beneficial to include sales and monthly specials for new products or services being offered.

A great opportunity local business owners can consider is using two options Facebook provides; Create Event and Promotion. The Create Event link is a fabulous way to announce an opening or a special event for the local community. The Promotion link is another great option that can assist further marketing a new monthly sale.

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How to create business sales with Facebook Part 1

Originally published: Omaha business section, 12/21/2012

There are many users on the social media Facebook today so that is a great area for small business owners to place sales on so everyone is aware of the latest products and services taking place within the store. How can this be done? Quite easily as Facebook allows each user to create a page and update news and information that is taking place.

Should a small business want to become involved with Facebook Step 1 is to sign up with the necessary secured information to create their account first. Step 2 is to click on More at the bottom right, below Facebook copyright then there will appear a listing. Within that list is the Create A Page option, choose that option.

Step 3 is to create your page; a local business, a company, or brand.  A drop box appears for three page options so the creation will be easy. When the end user has chosen the settings then click on the box ‘Get Started’. Part 2 will discuss how to promote your sales on Facebook.

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