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Tired of playing games on Examiner

See if this makes sense.  I write one article, it is accepted within 24 to 32 hours then suddenly I get this termination email sent to me which has me a bit confused as the article was all in my own writing no one elses. I have been writing for a company I thought I could trust but apparently this company is far from meeting that mark.

What is found more interesting I send a question to the email and there is no response. Makes me think the company is nothing more than a joke. I had the thought there was going to be some changes when seeing changes come about. What I thought more interesting about these changes is the company wanted everything written in such a fashion the article was to be more focused on news yet it could not have a lot of words; basically a summary if you will is what the writer is permitted. Visualize this if you can. A 700 word article turned into a 100 word paragraph with an image is what this company is now demanding. NOT news and NOT worth my time. Good riddance!





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