Tired of playing games on Examiner

See if this makes sense.  I write one article, it is accepted within 24 to 32 hours then suddenly I get this termination email sent to me which has me a bit confused as the article was all in my own writing no one elses. I have been writing for a company I thought I could trust but apparently this company is far from meeting that mark.

What is found more interesting I send a question to the email and there is no response. Makes me think the company is nothing more than a joke. I had the thought there was going to be some changes when seeing changes come about. What I thought more interesting about these changes is the company wanted everything written in such a fashion the article was to be more focused on news yet it could not have a lot of words; basically a summary if you will is what the writer is permitted. Visualize this if you can. A 700 word article turned into a 100 word paragraph with an image is what this company is now demanding. NOT news and NOT worth my time. Good riddance!





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Are you looking good for that job interview

Courtesy Free Digital Photos

Courtesy Free Digital Photos

I have fallen in love with the TLC show Love, Lust or Run. Unsure if anyone has seen this show but I have been paying very close attention to it as it just draws me in mainly because of the host. I love and adore Stacy London. She is wonderful and so honest with everything she says and the tips that are provided to the guests.

As someone who also helps others in getting what they want out of their career whether it is building a business, going after a first time job, or rebuilding a career after having a baby this show is something I have grown to love and gain many of my pointers from because Stacy is just wonderful in creating the right look.

I highly suggest to everyone and anyone that hasn’t seen Love, Lust, or Run to take a look at it because it will give you some ideas on how to build your personal look slowly and do it correct so you can start out fresh plus look right when wanting to make the best change for a new beginning to your job career.

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Windows 10 is now on my ASUS laptop

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

After reading the many postings on Windows 10 coming onto the market and how it will be so much like Windows 7 then reading the positive reviews from the many who have actually gone through with installing Windows 10 and actually like it, I decided to set up my business laptop so it could manage the upgrade.

My laptop is an Asus with Windows 8,1 and has been pushing me for a Windows 10 reservation so I took the time early this afternoon and went through with doing the upgrade to the new operating system. I will be keeping a close eye on this for sure as I am quite interested to see just how well it will do when it comes to managing what I do every day. I have multiple programs which I do run so I look forward to seeing the memory management which this operating system can handle.Thus far, all seems to be running just fine. I will be providing updates in the future on my usage with a registered copy of Windows 10.

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The Des Moines Register needs to grow a pair

I am sick and tired of reading comments in the news from the Iowa Des Moines Register news paper who are constantly putting Donald Trump down and acting as if they know the best for this nation; they have no clue what is best for the United States of America. What is best for this newspaper is they shut up and go back to doing their job, reporting the news, or is that something editors don’t know how to do? I find it quite interesting how these newspaper editors are now playing Mommy characters and feel they know the best for Donald Trump is that he needs drop from the Presidential race.

Guess want you fools?! Donald Trump is doing just fine. As the man is speaking the truth to the American voters which needs to be done and nothing is going wrong. I think it is time these editors and writers at the Iowa Des Moines Register grow a pair and leave Donald Trump to continue doing his job at running for 2016 President!

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Windows 10 operating system is approaching release

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

Just recently I get this small white flag showing at the bottom of my task bar and start to question what is going on. A few hours later I come across an article that mentions to every user who has registered a version of Windows 8 operating system or has purchased a computer with the version of Windows 8 operating system to be prepared for a the update to Windows 10 OS that will take place in the very near future.

I begin to shake my head on this issue because I currently use a laptop that has the installation of the Windows 8 operating system and over time there has been updates every Wednesday like clock work and now it is the Windows 8.1 operating system. It has been discovered after reading there will be a time when I will be forced update to the Windows 10 operating system. I find the idea of being forced to do anything unethical and I refuse to update.

Yes, I have purchased Windows 8 but I will not upgrade to Windows 10 because I refuse of how they are constantly forcing yearly charges on consumers just as the company is forcing yearly charges on users of the operating system. No thank you Microsoft, take your fees and bite me!


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Independence Day weekend is upon us

American-FlagLet me say thank you to every Veteran man and woman who has served and still are protecting this nation. Without them we would not be a safe nation. God bless for giving yourselves to this nation and protecting it from harm and evil.

Many Americans are planning a gathering with their families to celebrate this 4th of July weekend and celebrate. There is quite the variety of recipes across this nation everyone is quite known to be good at making this time of year. From the best grilled hamburgers with fixings to a grilled steak that is done so perfect it will melt in your mouth. There are some cooks who can cook the short-ribs using sauce or rub that has been perfected over time. There are side dishes of potato salad and macaroni salad so wonderful they will make your mouth water just looking at the dish sitting on the table.

And what about those home-made apple pies with cinnamon and glaze and oh my… yum! Just the thought of all this food makes me think of sharing beautiful times together with my family and cooking with my Mom. Share your favorite Independence Day treat or your favorite 4th of July memory.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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Drones coming to your neighborhood

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

In Huntington Beach, California someone was flying their $1200 plus drone a little bit too close to someone else and a remark was made to that person that it better not enter their private property. Next thing seen is said person smacks at said drone with their t-shirt to put it out of commission. Here is the video in question showing the drone getting smacked out of the air.

I find it quite interesting as to how many have the feelings these days they can toss out funds for these drones and fly them where ever they wish and it will bother no one as far as invading their privacy. In my own thoughts, drones should only be used by commercial business owners and not the private citizens as it opens up too many other problems. What is more frustrating on this matter the FAA has not said one word about the public use of drones which is wrong on their part. It is time for the FAA to speak up.

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Wild animals must be respected

Image courtesy of Hal Brindley/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Hal Brindley/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I am shaking my head after seeing the morning news and questioning those who have no common sense why they refuse to respect wild animals. I have absolutely no respect for people who cannot respect wild animals and think they are nothing more than moving stuffed animals. These are God’s creatures and  must be given respect they deserve in their habitat, they are not domesticated by any means and are not something you can just walk up to and pet. One must keep distance and never EVER attempt to feed. A wild animal can get aggressive at any time and it is the animal’s right to do so because we are on their property if getting too close.  Let me give an example of the latest issue on national news of this couple who decided to take it upon themselves by thinking wouldn’t it be cute to throw a piece of bread to a Kodiak bear that is only 20 ft away?

Well, wouldn’t it have been cute if that Kodiak bear turned on them and attacked their car as wild animals will do when with their aggressive side? Let us consider what recently took place in Johanesburg, South Africa when an American women went against policy when riding with her vehicle windows down in a lion kingdom – she was brutally attacked. It was her fault and nothing is being done against the lion because it did nothing wrong.

There are many persons who insist on getting close to a wild animal simply because they do not respect a wild animal’s habitat. I am getting quite tired hearing about those who have no common sense and refuse to follow specific guidelines when it comes to a wild creature such as do not feed them, keep a far distance, etc. These beautiful creatures are wild animals that must be given respect, period.

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A lot of talk about Windows 10

computer keyboard3Well the time has finally arrived as Windows 10 is just about due to arrive. I have recently gotten documentation from Microsoft on the Windows 10 release and when it will be taking place which is very soon, sooner than anticipated. I knew something was happening as there have been quite a bit of updates but never thought it would happen this quickly.

Sure enough, in the documentation I received it is listing as of July 29, 2015 for a release date of Windows 10. I was asked to set my reservation to be placed in queue for obtaining the pre-release version and begin using it. There is actually a decent FAQ that gave nice information as to who has the ability of using Windows 10. For example, if you have Windows 7 with the Service Pack 1 or if you are currently using Windows 8.1 you can place the new operating system on reserve.

There are specific things to keep in mind when running Windows 10 and there have been changes made to the new operating system pre-release version. On another note, pre-release versions of operating systems can perform new changes over time to make things perfect.  In essence, anyone who wants to reserve their copy of Windows 10 I highly suggest to pay a visit to the Microsoft website and viewing the Windows FAQ site.

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Pets are family so they should have a cooked meal also

I wanted to share a few thoughts about pet ownership and pet care as I have two miniature schnauzer that are a part of this family. When we had first gotten Pepper, the female mini schnauzer, she was a tiny fur ball puppy that I was so curious about as I wanted to know everything about the breed. I had German Sheppards growing up and now owning a different breed of canine that was much smaller I wanted to know more and understand everything there was so I did everything right as a pet owner of a new breed.

Over time Pepper and I became quite close in relationship as she was with me every day and I spent much time in caring for her needs. As she grew I began training and giving her guidance on the right way to handle situations. When there was enough room and Pepper was old enough to handle having a friend we decided it was time to bring in Shadow, the male mini-schnauzer. Shadow was an older puppy when gotten but quite easy to train. Both he and Pepper had instant connection with one another and have been best friends since day one.

Shadow has been a very good boy at listening and further training. When I work with both pups it is nice to see how well they follow one another without any interruption. An important issue that I have always followed since the first day of taking in Pepper is providing the best possible care in feeding. I read quite a few articles on this very topic and what had been discovered at the time is how many pet owners will actually cook for their pets instead of using dog food products. I found it to be quite interesting at the time yet never thought much more about it until a few months ago.

I was going through the deep freezer and happen to come across a 3 lb. size pack of ground beef. I noticed there were a few bits of freezer burn on it so sat it to the side and continued with cleaning. While cleaning it dawned on me why not cook that ground beef up and use it for the pups; I could add rice along with it then they will get wonderful food plus feel as if they are getting a real treat of a dinner. I made up the ground beef then made up normal quantity of rice.

After ground beef was cooked with fat and water removed I left it in pan then finished cooking the rice. When everything was completed, I then combined the two items together in a deeper pan and mixed them both on the stove. This is to just so everything is evenly combined and heated well. Afterward turn the stove off and let it cool with the lid off. If you want to cool the mixture quickly my husband showed me how it can be done – a cookie sheet.

You want to use a cookie sheet that will fit inside the refrigerator on the shelf, trust me on this. Once you have your cookie sheet, spread the mixture from your pan onto the sheet itself so it is even. After doing that, take the cookie sheet and place it onto a shelf in your refrigerator and allow it to cool down briefly for a bit so you can use what you want for feeding your pet(s) then place the rest into a covered container and back into the refrigerator for storage.

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