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Bring economical and business growth back into the United States

business creationSmall business builds economy growth, creates jobs, and makes profit to repeat from the beginning. That is the benefit of being a small business owner. A very professional website can now service small business owners who want higher ranking on search engines and a better image of their website. Check out Four Circle Marketing as they can bring your business full circle by providing:

  • Web design and web service
  • Development capability
    • Ecommerce
    • Facebook
  • Marketing options
    • Online marketing
    • Social media marketing
  • PPC management
  • Mobile Applications

Four Circle Marketing provides consumers with the capability and skills of a very impressive and intense list for a small company but they are prepared to build any website service or product up through the search engines to get that profitable return. The American economy is having trouble but now is the best time for gaining the highest level of attention and Four Circle Marketing can help make those ends meet.

Marketing is only the beginning of building your business it continues forward onto communication with other business owners and becoming a solid leader in what your company develops, sells, or provides as a service. Small business growth belongs here in the United States to provide employment to many skilled workers and rebuild our US Economy.


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The government will shut down because POTUS cannot do his job

It has been proven that the POTUS does not know how to work for WE the people and listen to WE the people and he does not know how to listen to WE the people FOR the people. So, with that being said the government will shut down because this man does not care nor does he wish to do his job correctly. He only wants to do one thing campaign about his Presidential legacy and continue to campaign about his wishes instead of doing what is right to take care of the American people.

It is quite difficult knowing what is about to happen in a few days with the nightmare train that is about to crash called ObamaCare but the only thing that We the American people can wait for is to see what damage takes place. Both the House and the Senate have taken care of the government funds for now but should Harry Reid make an attempt to change anything to force ObamaCare go through it will cause a government shut down.

No working American wants this health insurance train that is moving come to a wreck but what the POTUS, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are all doing are forcing the rails to cause a wreck. The economy is quite frail as of now because many are unable to find work and persons who can find work are only able to find part-time work. With this health care train wreck it will only cause more businesses to lower the current working hours to part-time, not hire any new employees, or should personnel be hired it will be for working hours so low he/she will not be able to obtain health insurance.

What is more deeply concerning about this matter is the health care law itself. There are many exchange options that Congress has provided to improve this current health care law yet this current POTUS refuses to listen. I ask the question, why is it that this current POTUS is being so pig headed and not willing to listen to the representatives that were hired (i.e. voted in by the American people) and work for the American people? Would it not be more common sense to make this particular health care law as perfect as possible for the American people rather than just throw something that is so out of touch, destructive, and damaging?!

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Universal Health Care = A train wreck coming to your town..

A senior Senator recently stated the universal health care was a “train wreck” and shortly after that term was given he stated he was going to resign and not plan for another run. It makes a person wonder many key points about this. Let us begin with the main question why is it this type of bill was even passed without being read to begin with? Oh wait, Nancy Pelosi forced it through by stating the 2,000 plus pages needed to be passed through Congress and then everyone could read and change things as necessary.

Well guess what, now it is passed and now the problem child has become a serious threat to not only the American economy, it has become a threat to the American worker as well as the American small business owner because of the financial numbers being reported by the CBO. It would seem ever since this nightmare has been uncovered, new numbers are growing higher and larger like a uncontrollable virus.

In order to deal with this train wreck before it happens all small business owners must do one of two things, either lower the amount of workers within the business or lower the hours being worked from full time to part time. By doing both actions, it will 1) eliminate the factor of having to pay a fee for the mandate and 2) eliminate having to offer universal health care to employees.

More small business owners are going to take advantage of the above as they are not able to afford paying these outrageous fees nor payments being wanted by the federal government. What makes the matters worse is these fees are going up as more discovery is being made and this universal health care has shown it is becoming more expensive for coverage. The federal government is attempting to force a train wreck upon all small business owners and it is not ethical for that action. A business owner should be allowed to choose the type of options they wish to offer their employees, period.

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