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Could fast food ordering machines be the replacement for wage hike?

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

For the past few months there has been quite the talk about employees wanting an increase in their hourly pay. The employees who demand this pay raise are fast food employees because they feel their minimum wage hourly pay is not good enough to make their monthly bill payments. For years, fast food employment has always been a way to build work skills and learn how to speak with the public. Fast food positions are considered stepping stone jobs but it seems there are some employees who have considered different and want to continue making the minimum wage. That is their choice to work within that job and for that company. Because employees have chosen to force employers to raise their pay rate it has caused these business owners to take action and consider looking at how to save the business itself.

By employees doing this it has caused chaos in the fast food industry it has also caused difficulty to the fast food business operations itself. Because there has been a request of higher wages fast food companies are now researching the use of robots and technology within the company and how to implement that capability.

By implementing an ordering machine which a customer can use to place an order with it will lower the amount of servers needed and the amount of paychecks sent out every month. The goal is for customers to find ordering machines easy to place their order and fast food business owners to obtain more customers in the end. The fast food industry has been considering the use of an ordering machine as it will be a benefit to both customer and business, everyone is happy. Because ordering machines are technology of the future and fast food has been forced to increase minimum wage this combination could be the change on just how fast food gets managed and served to the public.


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