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Quick lesson brought back to mind when freelance job searching


I have been working in freelance for many years and because it has been many years there has been some time those little lessons have slipped my mind. Working as a freelance copywriter gigs for many years has given me quite a good amount of skill and experience but there are things about freelance in general that were soon forgotten. It is unfortunately one of those important things that almost cost me a large amount of money. I’m sure the readers are already stirring thoughts of what happen; well give me a moment and I will spill it and with whom.

I made the discovery of a company called Outsource and thinking they could assist me in finding a freelance gig I took it upon myself to check them out and got an account. What I didn’t think about was the six month fee of $101 that was requested. Needless to say I refused to pay it and began researching the company and started to discover many persons were scammed after the fact or never even given a chance to obtain a job because of how the company ran.

I learned my lesson that day and remembered the freelancer’s #1 rule; don’t ever pay money for a job, the job pays you money.

A good lesson to every person that wants to be a freelancer or is currently a freelancer; always watch where you are getting your jobs from.


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