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Pets are family so they should have a cooked meal also

I wanted to share a few thoughts about pet ownership and pet care as I have two miniature schnauzer that are a part of this family. When we had first gotten Pepper, the female mini schnauzer, she was a tiny fur ball puppy that I was so curious about as I wanted to know everything about the breed. I had German Sheppards growing up and now owning a different breed of canine that was much smaller I wanted to know more and understand everything there was so I did everything right as a pet owner of a new breed.

Over time Pepper and I became quite close in relationship as she was with me every day and I spent much time in caring for her needs. As she grew I began training and giving her guidance on the right way to handle situations. When there was enough room and Pepper was old enough to handle having a friend we decided it was time to bring in Shadow, the male mini-schnauzer. Shadow was an older puppy when gotten but quite easy to train. Both he and Pepper had instant connection with one another and have been best friends since day one.

Shadow has been a very good boy at listening and further training. When I work with both pups it is nice to see how well they follow one another without any interruption. An important issue that I have always followed since the first day of taking in Pepper is providing the best possible care in feeding. I read quite a few articles on this very topic and what had been discovered at the time is how many pet owners will actually cook for their pets instead of using dog food products. I found it to be quite interesting at the time yet never thought much more about it until a few months ago.

I was going through the deep freezer and happen to come across a 3 lb. size pack of ground beef. I noticed there were a few bits of freezer burn on it so sat it to the side and continued with cleaning. While cleaning it dawned on me why not cook that ground beef up and use it for the pups; I could add rice along with it then they will get wonderful food plus feel as if they are getting a real treat of a dinner. I made up the ground beef then made up normal quantity of rice.

After ground beef was cooked with fat and water removed I left it in pan then finished cooking the rice. When everything was completed, I then combined the two items together in a deeper pan and mixed them both on the stove. This is to just so everything is evenly combined and heated well. Afterward turn the stove off and let it cool with the lid off. If you want to cool the mixture quickly my husband showed me how it can be done – a cookie sheet.

You want to use a cookie sheet that will fit inside the refrigerator on the shelf, trust me on this. Once you have your cookie sheet, spread the mixture from your pan onto the sheet itself so it is even. After doing that, take the cookie sheet and place it onto a shelf in your refrigerator and allow it to cool down briefly for a bit so you can use what you want for feeding your pet(s) then place the rest into a covered container and back into the refrigerator for storage.


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